How to Become A Spiritual Millionaire?


In the Spirit of Wisdom your mind needs to become a millionaire in a spiritual way before you can access true riches or wealth on Earth as it is in Heaven. The Spirit of Wisdom will show you how to create millions of dollars--if you learn to hear God’s voice and follow the Holy Spirit. Wisdom is the application of knowledge. There are proven ways of becoming a millionaire that are based on the knowledge of people. The ways that God will show you how to become a millionaire are based on His knowledge and guidance.

The knowledge of people is limited, whereas the knowledge of God is unlimited. God is infinite. The Spirit of Wisdom has an infinite supply of ideas on how to become financially wealthy. When you know the Spirit of Wisdom, then you will learn ways to create financial freedom that have not yet been discovered by people.

As a result: The Spirit of Wisdom won't show you how to make millions until you learn to think from a spiritual point of view. In this course you will learn how to apply both principals to become a spiritual millionaire in the natural world and the spirit world.