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90 days of the wealth challenge

Hello, I'm Christy Sanderson, Founder of Glory Nation, Entrepreneur, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Blogger, Speaker & Author.

Do you feel like you are struggling to reach your full potential in life? Is success a distant dream?Are you ready to try something that you never considered before? Many people seem to settle for what they have in life. They are content to remain with the status quo and getting that major breakthrough is the furthest thing from their minds. Written in 6 parts, The 90 Day Wealth Challenge0 is designed to help you do something that will make you stand out, pursue those dreams and ultimately live a happy and contented life, with advice on: How to become a spiritual millionaire? Prayers for breakthroughs90-day wealth challenge, saving money, fasting and prayer features heavily with this course, but then that is what it takes for most of us to realize where we have been going wrong. It helps us have clarity of thought and sets us on the right path. If you are ready to overcome the fear and failure that has dogged you and are ready to become the success you always wanted to be, ENROLL IN THE COURE: 90 DAY WEALTH CHALLENGE today and make a start now!

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